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COFCO Corporation Joins Forces with Its Global Partners to Tackle the Critical Situation Release Time : 2020-03-23
Recently the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia has spread across the world with multiple outbreaks outside China. As one of the foreign countries hit hardest by the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia, Italy is suffering acute shortage of anti-epidemic materials and medical supplies.

When we exert ourselves to the utmost in the race against the epidemic, medical supplies serve as the relay of love. Upon receiving the request for aid from our strategic partner Italian company CAVIT, COFCO Corporation promptly procured 6,980 protective masks and 10,000 gloves and through coordination with multiple parties immediately had this batch of medical protective supplies shipped from Beijing to Trento, Italy to assist with local control of the epidemic while expressing our most sincere sympathy and solicitude.  

You throw a peach to me, I give you a white jade for friendship. This is one of Chinese traditional moral excellences. When China was facing the most severe epidemic situation, our global partners including Italian supplier CAVIT, Spanish supplier Grupo Faustino and Australian supplier Vintage Limited also tried their best in the first moments of outbreak to collect protective materials that were then donated to COFCO Corporation to fight the epidemic along with the Chinese people.    

The mutual help with medical protective supplies has cemented our partnership with overseas suppliers and strengthened our friendship. This has also epitomized COFCO Corporation’s efforts to constantly intensify internationalization and build a global supply chain system.  

In order to better fulfill its important mission of implementing national grain security strategy, COFCO Corporation actively “goes out” to embark on building its global presence of integrated network, constantly deepens its exploration of internationalized operation, and safeguards Chinese people’s dining table with solid moves.

Just like the dark cloud that can’t block the rising sun, the epidemic can neither forestall the coming of the spring. It is our belief that we are bound to achieve the ultimate victory in the global fight against the epidemic as long as we join hands in times of trouble.

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