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Listed Among Fortune Global 500 for 24 Years, COFCO Corporation Ranks 136th in 2017 Release Time : 2017-08-02
COFCO Corporation ranks 136th on the Global 500 list for 2017 released by Fortune magazine on the evening of July 20, Beijing time. The company has been on the annual list of Global 500 for 24 straight years since 1994. Since COFCO Corporation promulgated its overall plan for carrying out the pilot reform of state-owned capital investment company in 2016, it has actively responded to the complicated and grave economic situation by focusing on quality improvement and efficiency enhancement to promote corporate management, follow the development path of strengthening the inner attributes, and deepen the reform of state-owned capital investment company. As a result, positive effects have been achieved in various fields of work and its operating performance has rebounded 80% year-on-year despite increased downward pressure on the economy.
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