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Mr. Frank Ning Attended Fourth Session of ABAC and APEC CEO Summit Release Time : 2013-11-05

Mr. Frank Ning attended the fourth session of ABAC for 2013 in Bali, Indonesia, from October 2nd to 7th. One of important events was that ABAC representatives had dialogue with leaders of economies in team.

Mr. Xi Jinping, Chairman of PRC, accompanied by Mr. Frank Ning, joined the dialogue. Mr. Frank Ning hosted the second team in which 11 ABAC representatives exchanged views with leaders of economies on economic growth, trade and investment, infrastructure construction, small- and medium-sized enterprises and innovation, grain and energy security, China undertaking the 22nd APEC leaders’ meeting, etc. Mr. Stephen Joseph Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra, Prime Minister of Thailand, and Mr. Peter O’Neil, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, also joined the dialogue in the same team.
Mr. Frank Ning also was invited as guest speaker to the first seminar of APEC CEO Summit. He exchanged views on the global economic situation, challenges enterprises were facing, etc. with Mr. Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore, and Mr. Dennis Nally, Chairman of PWC, and Mr. Raymond McDaniel Jr., CEO of Moody’s Analytics, Inc.

Mr. Frank Ning also attended the forum for entrepreneurs and Prime Minister of New Zealand, the dinner for entrepreneurs and the Secretary of State of US, and the lunch for Indonesian business leaders.

APEC Business Advisory Council is the only standing body of APEC representing the business field of the Asian-Pacific region. It is responsible for coming up with ideas and suggestions for creating a better environment for business development. It submits the advisory report to and has dialogue with top leaders of economies of APEC every year. China will hold the presidency in 2014 in which time Mr. Frank Ning will be the chairman.

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