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Mr. Frank Ning Received Highest Achievement Award of China’s Top 25 Most Influential Business Leaders Release Time : 2012-12-27

Mr. Frank Ning received the Highest Achievement Award in this year’s session of China’s Top 25 Most Influential Business Leader Awards ceremony which was held on December 9, 2012.

Mr. Frank Ning never stops reading and thinking. He always finds and thinks about business questions. He steered China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd. smoothly out of the financial crisis. Now he is leading COFCO Corporation in fighting for food safety by means of business integration. Chinese people used to eat more of grains including rice, corn and wheat. Now they are consuming more and more meat, eggs, milk, chicken and fish which consume half of China’s grain production. The industry chain is extended. Food safety is concern. The whole industry chain strategy is the quality management and traceability system based on the whole process from farmland to dining table.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Frank Ning sees the reality in the right view. He builds synergy in the company which in turn mobilizes resources in a more efficient way.

The size of assets, profitability and influence of COFCO Corporation have been extending these years. The integrated business model covers the whole process from farmland to dining table. Systemic management of the whole industry chain, effective control of critical links and synergy of different business units forms the core competitiveness. In 2011, COFCO’s assets totaled RMB 259.7 billion, four times that of 2004. It made profits of RMB 10.2 billion, six times that of 2004.

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