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COFCO Safe Production Workshop Opened Release Time : 2012-03-20

From October 11 to 13th, COFCO Safe Production Workshop, 2007 was held in Beijing. The workshop thoroughly studied guidelines of the Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Conference for State-owned-enterprises Directly under the State Council host by SASAC on August 29. It also brought up specific guidelines and arrangement for COFCO’s future safe production, energy conservation and emission reduction.

Management at all levels in COFCO attracted great importance to the workshop. Chairman Frank Ning attended the meeting and delivered the keynote speech. President Patrick Yu made special reports bearing the titles of Take Safe Production Responsibilities to Guarantee Healthy and Harmonious Development of COFCO and Strengthen Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction to Promote Innovation and Development in COFCO. Mr. Liu Nancheng, Deputy Director Performance Evaluation Bureau of SASAC, Mr. Huang Zhiquan, Deputy Director-General, Supervision and Administration Department of State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS), Mr. Shi Weizu, Deputy Director-General of Coordination Department of SAWS, Mr. Chen Zhigang, Deputy Dean of Technical Equipment Department of National Workplace Emergency Management Centre and Mr. Zhao Hualin, Deputy Dean of Administrative Office Sate Environmental  Protection Administration attended the conference on invitation.

COFCO senior management, heads of operation centres, management centres and their attached business units, business units directly attached to the headquarters, and heads and management in charge of safe production, heads of part of subsidiary producing companies and safety management of over 120 people attended the meeting.

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