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Meeting of COFCO Management Personnel for 2005 Release Time : 2012-03-20
The meeting of COFCO Management Personnel for 2005 was held February 28 through March 1 at the COFCO Training Center with the theme of “Remaking COFCO.”
In this new format of an annual meeting, Ning Gaoning, chairman of the board, delivered a speech entitled, “Strategic Guidance on the Road to a Mission.” Liu Fuchun, vice-president, reviewed and evaluated the company’s operating performance for 2004.
The relaxed and open environment of the meeting provided the perfect backdrop for the 280 middle and high-level COFCO managers in attendance to hold lively discussions. They talked about the corporate mission, strategic orientation and corporate philosophy of COFCO as well as personnel values. Ning Gaoning also held an interactive exchange with the attendees on the issues of greatest concern.
One day before the annual meeting, all the representatives at the meeting participated in the “Tribute to Retired Chairman Zhou Mingchen.” Liu Fuchun reviewed the career of Comrade Zhou at COFCO, giving high praise to his outstanding contributions over the last 12 years in making COFCO the strong company it is today. Ning Gaoning, current COFCO chairman, presented Zhou Mingchen with a souvenir of the occasion and expressed his sincere thanks on behalf of all the employees of COFCO.
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