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"Great Wall" and "Le conte" Named Hallmark Brands Release Time : 2012-03-20

On July 12, the China Brand Research Institute released a list of China's hallmark brands in 145 industries. Of these, COFCO's "Great Wall" wine became the hallmark brand of the wine industry and "Le conte" was named the hallmark brand of the chocolate industry.

According to assessment by the China Brand Research Institute, only brands that have been awarded the titles "China Brand Product" or "Well-known Chinese Trademark" qualify for the assessment. Among the brands in the 145 industries, those in 16 industries such as insurance and shampoo were elected automatically, and those in the other 129 industries were elected according to a weighted average score of five indicators including sales, profits, exports, investment in R&D and investment in advertising.

The China Brand Research Institute is a professional domestic research organization engaged in brand certification and brand value assessment. It collects data information through government channels, industry associations and the annual reports of listed companies.

In addition to the above, "Luhua" cooking oil, in which COFCO has a stake, was also identified as a hallmark brand of the cooking oil industry.

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