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Nine Varieties of Great Wall Wine Receive Grade A Product Certification for Chinese Wine Release Time : 2012-03-20
The Association of the Chinese Food Industry held a news conference in Beijing April 7, 2005 to announce the first Chinese wines to receive Grade A product certification. A total of 24 wine varieties produced by nine domestic producers were certified. Three of these nine producers are under the COFCO label, i.e. China Great Wall Wine Co., Ltd., Huaxia Wine Co., Ltd. and Yantai COFCO Winery Co., Ltd. These three producers were represented by 9 of the 24 wine varieties certified.

The Association of the Chinese Food Industry formulated the Detailed Regulations for Grade A Product Certification of Wine to govern the certification process. Wang Wenzhe, president of the association, believes that this certification represents an important first step in efforts to improve the overall competitiveness of Chinese wine.

Certified products are authorized to carry the uniform “Symbol of Chinese Grade A Wine Product” on their packaging. Consumers will soon be able to purchase fine quality wine products carrying the special new symbol.
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