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Yang Hong Named National Model Laborer Release Time : 2012-03-20
 On the eve of the May 1 Labor Day holiday, Yang Hong, general manager of the Wheat Division of COFCO, was named “National Model Laborer for 2005” for her outstanding contributions to China’s wheat import and export trade.

Under Yang Hong’s leadership, the Wheat Division exported spring wheat and edible wheat for the first time in history. She made a valuable contribution in conjunction with the government’s macroeconomic regulation to efforts to stimulate the rural economy and help rural residents, making her an excellent example of a good manager in a state-owned enterprise.

The “2005 Award Ceremony for National Model Laborers and Advanced Workers” held in Beijing April 30 was attended by 38 delegations, nearly 3,000 national model laborers and advanced workers, including 371 from central government enterprises, and over 240 specially invited guests.
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