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COFCO Non-Grain Ethanol-Blended Gasoline Fuel Guangxi Release Time : 2012-03-20

COFCO’s first barrel of non-grain ethanol-blended gasoline, produced by China’s first non-grain bio-mass energy project, was officially launched on Beihai and Guigang markets, Guangxi.

March 1 was the first day to fuel automobiles in Beihai and Guigang with ethanol-blended gasoline; the first two gas stations are No. 2 Gas Station in Beihai and the other in Hepu County. “Dissemination of ethanol-blended gasoline is undergoing well in Beihai,” Head of Social Affairs of Development and Reform Committee in Beihai Government, Mr. Wu Libin, said.

Promoting use of ethanol-blended gasoline is a strategic measure China took. COFCO Guangxi Bio-Mass Energy has supplied Beihai and Guigang with 400 tons and 1,100 tons respectively. It is estimated that the 12,000 tons of stock, mixed at a ratio of 10% fuel ethanol addition in gasoline, can produce 100,000 tons of blended gasoline, a one-month supply to automobiles in Guangxi.

Research shows that ethanol-blended gasoline can reduce car emission and improve air quality. Addition of 10% fuel ethanol in gasoline will reduce CO emission by 25%-30%, evaporating chemicals and CO2 by 10%, which is critical to sustainable development of the country.


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