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The World's Biggest Single Unit Marsh Gas Power Generation Project Started Construction Release Time : 2012-03-20

The world's biggest single unit marsh gas power generation project initiated by COFCO Meat Investment Co., Ltd. started construction in Liangnan Reclamation Area, Jiangsu Province, on September 18, 2011.
It is developed for treating wastes from local pig ranches of this company. The total investment is RMB 80 million. According to the plan, it will be put to operation in the first half of 2012. Its marsh gas production is designed 17000 m3 per day and the yearly power generation is designed to reach 12 million kilowatt hour.

The project features the most installed capacity of 3000 kilowatt hours of its kind in China, the most daily waste treatment capacity of 1,500 tons, the biggest single unit fermenter with the volume of 500 m3, the longest enclosed waste pipeline, and the most new technologies as adpoted.

The cycle is like this. Grains are processed into feeds. Pigs eat feeds and produce wastes. Wastes are fermented into marsh gas, liquids and residues. Marsh gas is used for power generation. Liquids and residues are used for farming. It is a virtuous sustainable circle.

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