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COFCO Expo Dining Hall Started Service Release Time : 2012-03-20

COFCO Expo Dining Hall started to serve visitors in the expo site on May 1, the same day when Shanghai Expo opened. COFCO Chairman and President attended the opening ceremony.

COFCO is senior sponsor to Shanghai Expo. As China’s largest national agri food producer, it is making every effort to well participate in Shanghai Expo, exhibiting grain and oil products and promoting the image of a national company.

In the dining hall COFCO exhibits its branded products including Fortune, Great Wall, Le Conte, China Tea, Cereal Way, etc.

The dining hall is built in two floors. The first floor illustrates the whole process from farmland to dining table. The second floor serves Great Wall wine and China Tea. Great Wall wine was used to serve US President Barack Obama.

COFCO is the exclusive supplier of rice, cooking oil and wine to Shanghai Expo. Most foods and beverages in the expo site are served by COFCO.

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