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Mengniu Milk Leading Market for Consecutive Years Release Time : 2012-03-20

China General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC) and China National Commercial Information Center (CNCIC) jointly held a news conference in Beijing on March 27 to publish main economic indicators of large sized retailers and sales data of main merchandises. According to the news conference, Mengniu’s milk and yogurt lead the home market. Mengniu milk has been leading the home market for five consecutive years.
According to sources, CGCC and CNCIC are China’s statistics and supervision authorities in the home merchandise sales, which have been publishing relevant data for 17 consecutive years. The data is seen as the barometer of the macro trend of China’s merchandise sales.
As experts pointed out, the data of each type of milk products was collected from such end markets like wholesale markets and retail markets, and could show us the difference in the market share of milk products and consumers’ preference.
According to the data, consumers are offered an increasingly wider range of milk products from traditional milk to fashionable yogurt. Consumers buy milk products not only for stomach but also for convenient nutrition.

Mengniu leads the home market for five consecutive years largely because its milk originates from the purely natural sources and the company attaches great importance to food safety. It sets an example to and will lead revival of the home industry.

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