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COFCO Moving to Fortune Release Time : 2012-03-20

After a year’s preparation, COFCO Corporation and Beijing offices of its subsidiaries moved to COFCO Fortune Plaza on July 8, 2009, which is COFCO’s new office building.

COFCO’s headquarters, China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited, China Foods Limited, COFCO Commercial Properties Investment Co., Ltd., COFCO Development Co., Ltd. and COFCO Meat Investment Co., Ltd. have moved from COFCO Plaza to the new office building.

During a ceremony held after the moving, Mr. Shi Zhuowei, Vice President of COFCO, highly praised the COFCO Fortune Plaza project team and builders thanks to hard work and teamwork of whom the moving was done efficiently and smoothly.

As Mr. Patrick Yu, President of COFCO, said, the name COFCO Fortune Plaza sent good wish to COFCO people and reflected determination and confidence of COFCO in its branding strategy. With the moving, COFCO was expected to develop from a new start.

Mr. Frank Ning, Chairman of COFCO, formally welcomed COFCO people moving to COFCO Fortune Plaza. The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Dong Zhongxin, Vice President of COFCO.

COFCO Fortune Plaza is located at No. 8, Chao Yang Men South Street, Chao Yang District, Beijing. In its neighborhood, there are embassy districts, the eastern second ring road and commercial and business districts. The building covers 7500 m2 and the floor area totals 75,000 m2. The building is designed in a modern style, simple and bright, and equipped with advanced office and conference facilities, which will provide more convenience, efficiency and comfort.

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