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COFCO Joycome

Stock Code:01610.HK

Stock Abbreviation:COFCO Joycome

Company Name(Chinese):中粮家佳康食品有限企业

Company Name (English):COFCO Joycome Foods Limited

Business Scope:Feed production, hog production, slaughtering and cutting, production, distribution and sale of fresh pork and processed meat products, import and distribution of meat products (including pork, beef, poultry and mutton)

Category:Food Production

Registered Address:Second Floor, Century Yard, Cricket Square, P.O. Box 902, Grand Cayman, KY1-1103, Cayman Islands

Office Address:33/F, COFCO Tower, 262 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Chairman:Mr. JIANG Guojin

Executive Directors:Mr. XU Jianong

Non-Executive Directors:Mr. MA Dewei, Dr. ZHAO Wei

Independent Non-Executive Directors:Mr. FU Tingmei, Mr. LI Michael Hankin,Dr. JU Jiandong

Financial Controller:Mr. LI Lei

Company Secretary:Dr. ZHANG Nan, Ms. Chau Hing Ling

Investor Relations and Public Relations:Dr. ZHANG Nan, Ms. WANG Xiuling

Tel:(86) 10-85005365

Fax:(86) 10-85623500



Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar and Transfer Office:Tricor Investor Services Limited and Level 54, Hopewell Centre and 183 Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong

Principal Bankers:Agricultural Bank of China Limited
                               Beijing Branch of Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. 
                               Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited

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