COFCO Trading

Market-based enterprise with the largest scale operation and most established infrastructure in China’s grain distribution industry, serves as the executive agent of import and export of staple food grain such as wheat and corn.

       COFCO Trading endeavors to become a bridge between grain & oil producers and processors. COFCO Trading provides high quality growing, purchasing and storage services for Chinese farmers, and reliable ingredients and technical support for processing enterprises. The scope of business includes agricultural services, and trade of food and feed ingredients, logistics services and e-commerce of grain. The main crop varieties include wheat, corn, corn substitutes, rice, miscellaneous grains & beans, oilseeds, etc.

       COFCO Trading manages 95 grain elevators with a total purchasing and storage capacity of 20.91 million tons. It enjoys annual port handling capacity of 18 million tons and daily drying capacity of 64,500 tons. The operation network covers major production and sales regions in China. It manages six ports including Beiliang Port, Jiangyin Port, Chenglingji Port, Fangchenggang Port, and other important logistics locations. The company is establishing “two horizontal and three vertical” grain logistics systems, including the Yangtze River channel, the Xijiang River channel, the shipping channel from ports at Northeast China to South China, the shipping channel from ports at Northeast China to East China and the logistics channel from Northeast production areas to inland sales regions.

       COFCO Trading owns Xinliang Shipping Company, COFCO Railway Logistics Company and other specialized logistics subsidiaries. It has established an operation platform specialized for shipping, railway and container transportation. COFCO Trading has been committed to effectively consolidating social resources to build logistics corridors of high efficiency and low cost.

CONTACT: +86 (010)-8098 5678

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