COFCO Joycome Foods Limited is a meat business platform under COFCO Corporation. The main businesses of the Company include feed production, hog production, slaughtering and cutting, production, distribution and sales of fresh pork and processed meat products, import and distribution of meat products (including pork, beef, poultry and mutton).

       COFCO Joycome Foods Limited is  a  meat  business  platform  under  COFCO  and  was  listed  on  the  main  board  of  the  Stock  Exchange  on  November  1,  2016 (stock code: 1610).The  main  businesses  of  the  Company  include  feed  production,  hog  production,  slaughtering  and  cutting,  production,  distribution  and  sale  of  fresh  pork  and  processed  meat  products,  import  and  distribution  of  meat  products  (including  pork,  beef,  poultry  and  mutton).  As  a  leading  meat  enterprise  with  operations  covering  the  integrated  value  chain  in  China,  the  Company  seized  the  opportunity of industrial transformation and upgrading and formed a  strategic  layout  throughout  the  country,  so  that  the  scale  of  hog  production  and  fresh  pork  business  has  been  rapidly  growing.  We  adhere  to  the  operation  principle  of  “leading  the  safety  standards  in  the  industry  and  assuring  meat  safety  for  citizens”  through  providing  consumers  with  high-quality  meat  products.  “Joycome”chilled  pork  and  “Maverick”  low-temperature  meat  products  continue  to  rise  in  popularity  in  major  first-tier  and  second-tier  cities.

CONTACT:  irjoycome@cofco.com

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