COFCO Grains & Cereals

One of COFCO Corporation’s subsidiary companies specialized in processing, trade and sales of rice, wheat and brewing materials. It’s a key part of COFCO’s main core businesses: grain, oil, sugar and cotton. The company’s business layout covers major grain production regions in China, grasping first-hand grain resources at home and abroad. With branded sales network spreading across the country, all of COFCO’s business units have established an industry-leading position.

       Rice processing and trade: With business operations started in 1952, we have become China's largest rice processing and trading company, and is also the leading domestic packaged rice supplier, with 19 factories in the main rice producing and sales areas of China and annual production capacity of 4.95 million tons. Playing an important role in the international market, COFCO Grains is the main channel for China’s international rice trade and the largest rice importer and exporter in China. We are committed to becoming the leader of rice industry, the leader of agricultural supply side structural reform, and building an efficient, high-quality and low-cost rice processing supply chain system. The comprehensive share of “Fortune” brand rice has ranked first in the national rice market for many consecutive years since 2009.

       Wheat processing: Started in 1992, the company is one of the largest wheat processors in China, with 20 factories in the main wheat producing and sales areas and annual production capacity of 6.19 million tons. With cutting edge production equipment and rich product line, the company has become a partner of well-known brands and supermarket chains at home and abroad. Relying on strategic layout and leading position of tailored flour, our business focus gradually transforms into civilian flour and brand business. “Fortune” brand and “Xiangxue” brand flour products are widely praised by consumers.

       Brewing materials: Started in 1998, the company is one of the earliest companies in China to supply brewing material. There are currently two factories with annual production capacity of 660 thousand tons. With top global raw material purchasing capacity, we produce and sell malt using imported and domestic barley as raw materials. Our customers include the top five beer manufacturers in China and we also export to Southeast Asian countries and regions.

CONTACT:    +86 (10)-8501 8811

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