COFCO Capital

COFCO Capital Holdings Co., Ltd. (COFCO Capital), a COFCO company, is an investment platform specialized in operating and managing financial businesses.

       COFCO Capital’s (Stock Code: 002423.SZ) holding companies include AVIVA-COFCO Life, COFCO Trust, COFCO Futures, AON-COFCO,COFCO Fund, Longjiang Bank, Mingcheng Finance,COFCO Capital (Hong Kong), etc. Taking advantage of the industrial chain of COFCO, combining industry and finance, and serving the development of agriculture, rural areas and peasantry, COFCO Capital is committed to becoming the most influential benchmarking company in the field of agricultural finance.

       AVIVA-COFCO Life provides customers with high-quality life insurance services and comprehensive financial risk protection. The scale and profitability of the company sit atop of the list of Sino-foreign joint venture insurance companies.

       COFCO Trust actively explores innovative mechanism of combination between industry and finance and agricultural finance, dedicated to developing into a first-class asset and wealth management platform with high reputation and industrial characteristics.

       Having deeply accumulated experiences in the field of agricultural products, COFCO Futures vigorously expands its business in risk management, industrial products and finance, and actively transforms itself into a leading service provider featuring derivatives trading in the industry.

       AON-COFCO, the first Sino-foreign joint venture insurance brokerage company approved to engage in insurance, reinsurance brokerage and risk management consulting business in China, has already become a leading comprehensive service provider in its own field.

       COFCO Fund has long been engaged in subdivided industries such as grain and food consumption, so as to contribute its efforts to the high-quality development of China's food and consumer industries.

       Relying on the rich agricultural resources of Heilongjiang Province, Longjiang Bank combines finance with agricultural industry chain and innovates a financial model of agricultural supply chain, has become the first agricultural supply chain bank in China.

       Mingcheng Finance focuses its business on real estate equity investment funds, emerging industry funds, cross-border investment and financing management, direct investment, etc., committed to building itself into a growth financial service platform with market competitiveness.

       Utilizing the interconnection of its own overseas asset management platform with COFCO Capital's domestic investment and financing platform, COFCO Capital (Hong Kong) carries out two-way cross-border fund, trust, standardized asset management and other international financial businesses.


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